Boston Area Jazz Jam Sessions Calendar

A lot of folks have been looking for a list of Boston-area jazz jam sessions and coming up empty, so I rolled my own. I'll try to keep it reasonably up-to-date so please let me know if you have corrections or addtions. I'm definitely not going to try to keep track of who's leading each session unless it's usually the same folks. Please don't think of this as definitive, especially if you have to make a long trip. Instead, try to check with a more reliable source; I try to include one or two of those in each calendar entry. You can click each one for the most detailed info or switch to the more-detailed week or agenda view.

If you forget the link here, you can visit or search for Jon Dreyer Music and then hit the links link above. This page should be near the top.

I hope this helps. Corrections, additions, insults to me.

Jon Dreyer

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