Harvey Diamond Group at the New School of Music

Harvey Diamond Group at the New School of Music, July 20 2013

These are wav format (huge) files, the highest quality I have. For Web listening, visit the mp3 page.

My mic placement was way too close to Howard compared with everybody else, so I had to do a lot of leveling/compression to make it sound more even, often differently for each solo.

Individual tunes

  1. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
  2. YouDontKnowWhatLoveIs
  3. YoudBeSoNiceToComeHomeTo
  4. ItCouldHappenToYou
  5. LoverMan
  6. AirConditioning
  7. IllRembemberApril
  8. TheseFoolishThings

Uncut recordings of the whole concert

Piano: Harvey Diamond; Cornet and mellophone: Howard Brofsky; Bass: Jon Dreyer; Drums: Joe Hunt

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