Polytone Mini-Brute III Amp

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Polytone Mini-Brute III Amp

I have sold this classic Polytone Mini-Brute III amplifier which I bought new some time around 1981. I'm leaving this page up in case any Polytone fans out there want to look it over.

It's a solid-state amp with one 15" speaker. Outside dimensions are 17"w x 18.5"h x 10"d. It weighs 30 pounds according to my cheap scale. It says 160 watts on the back; I assume that's power consumption and that the output power is less. I think I may have read that the output power is 100 watts, but I'm not sure about that.

A lot of people seem to be looking for schematics for this amp. I'm sorry to say I do not have any, nor do I know how to repair it. I was lucky enough that mine lasted 20 years without any problems at all! To all who are looking for help in this area: good luck!

Seen from an angle
Circa 1981 Polytone Mini-Brute III.

Full frontal nude
Full frontal nude.

The instrument panel. It's got a power switch, bass,treble and volume knobs, a bright/flat/dark switch, and high and low impedance inputs.

A view of the outputs, labeled "main output" and "ext. spkr".

The label on the back. It says:

Model Mini-Brute III/IV/V/M-PA
120/220 volts 50/60 Hz
160 watts
S/N P-10591
Fuse no. 2 amp. Slo-blo

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